Which Challenge is best for you?  Try them all!

1 Week Keep the Control Challenge:  Are you facing an upcoming week of having no control over your menu and/or workout schedule?  Maybe you are going on a mission trip, a vacation, or just a super long stretch at work.  Whatever the case, if you go into your week with a plan you can succeed!  

4 Week Tight Abs Food & Workout Challenge:  Would you like to eat lots of yummy food and cut out the hours of crunches and cardio yet still obtain the best set of abs you've ever owned?  You can!  Take the 4 Week Tight Abs Food and Workout Challenge! 

The Pick 2 Challenge:  Pick 2 things that you can change for the next 60 days.  One of your changes should be a food change such as no eating after 7pm or no sugary desserts.  The other change should be a workout change. Add the Jump Rope Challenge to your current fitness plan or add a day of lifting or add one more fitness class per week....anything!

40 Days then Break Challenge:  Never again say, "I'll Never Again Eat Cake".  Learn how to set goals, stay fit, have your cake and eat it too! 

The 30 Minute Workout Challenge:  Workout less and get the same or better results?  Sign me up!!!  Check out the details! 

Two week Jump Rope Challenge:  Burn 150 calories in just 10 minutes!  Tack this challenge onto your daily fitness routine and see what a difference just 10 minutes can make!

8 Weeks to Swimsuit Challenge:  This is our newest and our current challenge!  Join in.  Enjoy 8 weeks of meal plans and workouts planned FOR you.  This plan is for ANYONE who wants to jump start their swimsuit season!  Useful templates for this plan: NoSkinnies Meal and Workout - Plan and NoSkinnies Meal and Workout - Actual 

The "Get Started" 28 Day Challenge:  This challenge is for the BEGINNER.  This challenge assumes you are currently doing no workout and not watching what you eat.  This is a 28 day Challenge.  This is a meal plan challenge as well as a fitness challenge.  The goal of this challenge is to get you started.

9 Week - "Back to School" Challenge:  Our kids receive progress reports every 9 weeks, right?  So, let's do a 9 week challenge! At the end of the 9 weeks we'll give ourselves a progress report!  The challenge will address making healthy food choices as well as working out.



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