Inconsistency Helps You Stick to your Fitness and Nutrition Goals...Huh?


The most important thing you can do to stick to your fitness and nutrition goals is to constantly change what you are doing.  You will notice that NoSkinnies does not prescribe a specific workout or "diet" for you to follow.  There are lots of options and challenges for both.  Find what works for you.

Inconsistent Workouts

Do you get bored with your workouts easily?  OMG, I do!  When I get bored with my workouts I start dreading them and stop doing them.  In order to avoid getting bored with my workouts I write a new workout routine EVERY DAY.  I try to stick to "a couple days cardio, a couple days lifting, and maybe a day of abs" but I NEVER do the same set of exercises in the same order more than once.  Changing up your workout routines is easy.  There are lots of great resources for workout ideas.  Some of my favorite follow:


How many times have you started over with your nutrition goals?  Most of us can't count the number of times we've said "tomorrow".  Or "Monday".  When we deprive ourselves or stick to a strict diet our mind gets a little stressed out and starts obsessing over the foods we have banned.  You know the vow to never, ever eat sugar again.  You get through the whole morning just fine but 4pm rolls around and suddenly you can think of nothing but cake.  By the end of the day you cave and not only have the cake but everything else in sight.  There's always tomorrow, right?

In an attempt to avoid this vicious cycle, I typically change my nutrition plan pretty often.  I mean, I have my staples like eggs, lean chicken and turkey,  and lots of veggies of course.  But I try a different nutrition plan just about every week or 2.  For instance, one week I may be doing the Wheat Belly diet, the next week I may be following the Jamie Eason diet, another week I could be doing Weight Watchers or not eating sugar or not eating after 7pm.  The point is that I never feel that I can never, ever have a certain food again because I know that in a week or 2 I'll change my nutrition plan and I can build in whatever it is that I'm craving.  Please don't misunderstand...I have my moments of weakness too.  The important thing is to get back on track asap.  

Note - I am dieting to lose weight.  I just want to feel healthy and fit.  For me, this feeling is very much associated with my nutrition.  With my past habits I have learned that the only way to maintain my OCD brain when it comes to food and fitness is to be on some sort of "plan".  If I am not on a plan (what some people call a diet) then my mind just goes crazy and I get completely stressed out thinking that I will gain tons of weight and have heart disease and so on.  I know, sounds crazy...but it is what it is.  As I have always said - do what works for you.  This works for me.

Be Inconsistent!

So, try it!  Try being very inconsistent with your fitness and nutrition plans.  Make changes often, even daily, if that is what it takes to beat your boredom!


Let me know what you think!  Leave a comment below!

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