Get Back on Track to Your Fitness Goals

Find Motivation to Get Back on Track to Your Fitness Goals

Two Words - Get Obsessed!

Have you ever taken a break from your healthy eating and working out and then just been totally incapable of getting back on track?  Yes?  Well, me too.  I'm there now.

A few months ago my husband and I took an awesome trip to Las Vegas.  While we were there I threw all of my clean eating and fitness knowledge out the window.  I ate stuffed burritos, carrot cake, chips, and anything else my little heart desired.  I also drank enough vodka to stock a liquor store.  Yep, good times.  :->

Now, 2 months later (and 10 pounds heavier) I just can't seem to get myself motivated to get back on track.  Usually I need some sort of motivation to get me going - something like swim suit season coming up, a trip coming up, a competition....something.  I guess since we got back from Vegas I've been so consumed in the every day rat race of life that I just haven't taken the time to focus on finding a reason to get motivated.  Now I have the best reason ever to get motivated - I feel like shit and I want my healthy, toned, energized body back!  Sound familiar?

So, I'm getting obsessed.  I'm getting obsessed with giving my body the "fuel" it needs to perform at it's maximum for me.  I'm getting obsessed about not putting SHIT in my body!  I'm getting obsessed about working out and earning back my body!

Join me by implementing these obsessive behaviors in your daily life:

  • Plan every single bite you will take each day.  Use this template.
  • Cut out processed junk food.  Try these healthy recipes and healthy snacks instead.
  • Track every tiny morsel you put in your mouth.  Use this template.
  • Plan at least 5 workouts per week.  Here's some ideas for workouts.
  • Track your workouts. 
  • At the end of each day let your kids review what you have eaten!  Seriously - if you know your kids are going to see every unhealthy piece of crap you have put in your mouth throughout the day you WILL be less likely to eat the crap.  You wouldn't let your kids binge on a whole sleeve of thin mints so why would you allow yourself to?  And really, do you want to have to explain to your kids why they live by the standard you preach but you don't?

Now go do it!

Comment and let me know what you do to get back on track!

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