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Add Some Personality

I have been told repeatedly that I need to add some personality to my blog.  I need to add some posts that reflect my "voice" and who I am.  So here goes... 

There are several topics I'd like to write about that I find very "personal"; topics that are hard to be open and honest about.  The top things that popped in my mind follow:

  • Renaming No Skinnies (My 10 year old daughter does not like the name and has asked me to change it).  Click here to read about where the name originated from.
  • I Hate My Body (How MOST days I no longer say this to myself)
  • Fit, Thin, Fat, Skinny...Doesn't matter, No Size is Immune to Body Image Issues
  • Did you know that the Fat bloggers are offended by us being offended by the word FAT?
  • What makes me feel good about myself

So, I decided to start with the last one - What makes me Feel Good About Myself.  I'll link to the others in the future when I get them written.  In the mean time, I'd love to know which ones you'd be most interested in reading. 

What Makes me Feel Good About Myself

As most of you know, I enjoy fitness.  A good workout  makes me feel attractive and strong.  For some women a nice pair of shoes or a new outfit or freshly cut hair may do the trick but not for me.  All of those things are nice but they are not what make me feel my best.

I Feel Like a Lazy Pig...

Pig holding sign.jpg

I literally feel like a lazy pig when I don't workout    (If you don't like the lazy pig description...sorry...I'm finding my "voice" here remember so bear with me).  Although my rational mind knows that I look absolutely no different before my workout vs after my workout my mindset is completely different.  Before I workout I can try on a pair of jeans and feel disgusted but after a workout the same pair of jeans will look fabulous (in my mind anyhow).

**Side note - does anyone else think the pig in the picture looks a little too happy?  LOL

Body Image, Mind Games, and Control

So what gives?  Why does a good workout make such a difference for my mental state?  I could go into all of the science behind the physical benefits of working out and endorphins released and so on but I won't.  Those things are all true and great but they are not what makes the difference for me.  For me it is all a mind game.  

My mind believes that I don't look good when I don't workout    I struggle with my body image thoughts daily (hourly sometimes) but that's a post for another time.  I think working out makes me feel in I am proactively doing something to help me feel and look better.  Like, I had no say in the body I was born with but I do have a say in how it looks and feels on a day to day basis.  These are things I can control and manipulate by working out.  I am a bit of a control freak so this would coincide with my personality.

I am by no means promoting this kind of thought process or mental dysfunction.  It's not much fun.  I often wish that my mind would just chill the hell out and let me be!  But, it's my mind...all I'm learning how to live with it.  :-> 

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Your Turn...

Post a comment below and tell me what makes you feel good about "you"! 


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