9 Week Back to School Challenge - Week 6

Take Control

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Last week we focused on listening to our body and only eating when we are truly hungry.  This week let's focus on taking control.  Let's take control of our thoughts and our actions.  Let's take control those negative thoughts that tell us that we are not good enough or are not thin enough.  Let's take control of our food and eat healthy meals that fuel our bodies.  Let's take control of our workouts because it makes us feel good and it puts us in control of our bodies.  



This week try focusing on the following:  

  • Take control of your thoughts.  Remind yourself how amazing your body is based on it's abilities - not just it's appearance.  Learn more about taking control here.
  • Take control of your food choices.  Make healthy food choices.  
  • Take control of your workouts.  Do workouts that you enjoy.  
  • Remember that you (and only you) are in control of your thoughts and actions.  

Week 6 Goals

  • Take control of your thoughts and actions. 
  • Build meal and workout plans for the week (See Week 1 for Templates). 
  • Record meals and workouts each day. 
  • Drink 1 gallon of water per day. 
  • Do ANY workout 5 days this week. 
  • Eat fresh.  Eat as few processed foods as possible!  

Major Changes from Week 5:  

  1. Take control of your thoughts and actions.
  2. Do any workout you want 5 days this week.   

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