I Hate My Body (How MOST Days I No Longer Say This)

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Have you ever thought to yourself, "I hate my body!  I hate my flabby arms.  I hate the stupid little pooch at the bottom of my belly.  I hate that every bite I take lands on my ass!"?  If you have ever had these thoughts you are not alone.  Unfortunately probably every woman alive has had these thoughts (and many men too).  


Every day we are faced with the skinny photo-shopped models we see on magazine covers.  Everywhere we look the world is telling us that we are not beautiful unless we are 15 pounds underweight or have a "thigh gap" (yes, that is a real thing...Google it).  

Why are we allowing the world to define our self worth based on how we look compared to an underweight starving model whose picture has been edited to remove any bumps, wrinkles, cellulite, or any other unflattering blemishes?

Change The Voices

 "Change the voices in your head.  Make them like you instead!" -P!NK

We control our thoughts.  We have the choice to decide whether to love our body for it's appearance or to love it for it's abilities.  I say our bodies are so much more than their appearance.  Our bodies are so much more than the jiggly fat on our inner thighs or the cellulite on the back of our legs or the little pooch at the bottom of our stomachs. 


What can your body do for you?  My body has been so good to me.  It is strong and healthy.  I have never ever been a sickly person.  I have tremendous amounts of energy.  I go for long runs (no knee problems here).  I can lift weights.  I can lift my kids!  I can swim in the pool with my family.   I can take my kids on walks.  Wow!  My body really is amazing!  

Let's all take off our skinny glasses and start seeing and loving our bodies for their abilities instead of all of their appearance flaws. 



The first step in changing how we feel about our bodies is to take control.  

  • Take control of your thoughts.  Remind yourself how amazing your body is based on it's abilities.  
  • Take control of your food choices.  Make healthy food choices.  
  • Take control of your workouts.  Do workouts that you enjoy.  

These are all empowerment tools.  They put you in control.  They give you the mindset that you are doing something for yourself.  You are taking back control from the world that tells you repeatedly that you must be skinny.  No one can control you except for you.  

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