Plan Ahead for Your Detox After the 4th!

Do you plan to over indulge on the 4th of July? Whether it's losing control with the potato salad or slamming back too many cocktails, you won't be alone! 

1 day healty detox.png

Here's your step by step 1 day plan for getting back on track after over indulging!
1. Workout! (See workout details below)
2. Drink at least 8-8 oz glasses of water (more if you can).
3. No sodas, diet drinks, alcoholic beverages.
4. Eat lots of berries.
5. Eat lots of veggies.
6. Eat lots of lean protein.
7. Eat yogurt.
8. Skip all carbs (even fruit & veggie carbs).

Sample Meal Plan:
1 8oz glass ice cold water
2 egg whites & 1 whole egg omelet with spinach
1 Cup Strawberries

1 8oz glass ice cold water
8 Almonds
1 Cup blueberries

1 8oz glass ice cold water
Spinach salad with shredded turkey breast, strawberries, blueberries, 1/2 TBSP Walnuts, sugar free vinaigrette.

1 8oz glass ice cold water
Protein Shake with Yogurt and Berries (use low carb/low sugar protein mix like Visalus or SunWarrior). Prepare with water instead of milk.

1 8oz glass ice cold water
6oz Baked or Grilled chicken breast or fish
Baked or Grilled Asparagus

1 8oz glass ice cold water
1 Cup mixed berries & yogurt

**Be sure to get your other 2 glasses of water throughout the day.

The Workout!


  • 1 Minute Run in place
  • 1 Minute Jumping Jacks
  • 1 Minute Butt Kicks


Perform each exercise for 50 seconds as hard as you can, rest for 10.  Repeat for total of 3 Rounds.  Start with the heaviest weight you think you can do.  Change to a lower weight if needed.  To gain the most from this workout you must be pushing yourself as hard as possible!

  1. Jump Rope Knee Highs (abs & arms)
  2. DEEP Squat, Stand, Military Press (legs, butt, shoulders)
  3. Side Lunge x 3 on right side then stand and perform 1 Bicep Curl; repeat on left leg (legs, butt, biceps)
  4. Push Up, 4 Jumping Jack Planks - jump your legs and open and closed in a plank position (chest, triceps, abs)
  5. Deadlift and 3 Rows (lower and upper back)
  6. Jump Rope Knee Highs (abs & arms)
  7. Lunge & Push - holding a medium weight; Lunge back with right leg, use both hands to push out and slightly up, push off back foot and return to standing, repeat on other leg (legs, butt, abs)
  8. Plank with weights under hand, push up, bring feet to hands to stand up, 3 hammer curls (abs, chest, legs, biceps)
  9. Jumping Jack with light to medium weight - only bring arms to shoulder height for a  lateral raise (shoulders)
  10. Tricep pushup (chatarunga) x 1 & Exploding Jump - in plank position place hands under shoulders, lower into pushup keeping your elbows next to your body so that they scrape your ribs as you go down, push back up then jump feet to hands and explode your whole body up with hands over head, repeat (tricep, chest, abs)

This workout is super challenging!  You will be breathing hard and dripping sweat!  Let me know what you thought of this detox plan and workout!

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