4 Week Tight Abs Challenge - Exercise Demo Videos

4 Week Tight Abs Challenge - Ab Exercise Demo Videos

We will repeat the same ab exercises throughout the challenge but the number of repetitions will increase over the weeks.  Week 1:  40 Reps, Week 2:  50 Reps, Week 3:  60 Reps, Week 4:  70 reps.  If you are new to working out don't freak out!  Just do the best you can!

Click here to go to the 4 Week Tight Abs Food & Workout Challenge.

**If the video does not start automatically just click on it.

1st 2 Exercises:  Basic Crunch and Military Leg Lifts

2nd 2 Exercises:  Butterfly Crunches and In/Outs

3rd 2 Exercises:  Boat Twists and Criss Cross

4th 2 Exercises:  Side Lying Crunch (Right) and Side Lying Crunch (Left)

If you are currently working out please continue your workout and add these abs exercises.

If you are not currently working out please check out the Newbie Getting Started Working Out Posts here.  Start working out with the Newbie Workouts and also do these daily ab exercises.  Do the best you can.  If you can't do all of the reps it's OK - just give it your all!


Please comment below and let me know what you think of these exercises and the 4 Week Tight Abs Food & Workout Challenge.  Please also leave any questions you have!

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