Only Do this Workout if You Want Tight Arms! 30 Minute Challenge Day 22

This workout incorporates both lifting and high intensity cardio using 1 minute jump rope intervals.  For maximum results perform all sculpting exercises with the maximum amount of weight possible while still maintaining proper form.  Perform all cardio moves at your all out maximum effort!

The workout segment is only 15 minutes.  Complete the entire workout 2 times for a 30 minute workout.  

Warm Up:

Be sure to start with a warm up.  Try a 10 minute walk/light jog or light jump rope or just dance for 10 minutes!  Anything to get the blood flowing and loosen up your muscles.

The Workout:

  1. 1 Minute Jumping Rope
  2. Reverse Curl x 12
  3. 1 Minute Jumping Rope
  4. Triangle Push Ups x 12
  5. 1 Minute Jumping Rope
  6. Cross Body Hammer Curl x 12 each arm
  7. 1 Minute Jumping Rope
  8. Seated Two Arm Bent Over Dumbbell Tricep Extension x 12
  9. 1 Minute Jumping Rope
  10. Incline Dumbbell Curl x 12
  11. 1 Minute Jumping Rope
  12. Chatarunga x 8
  13. 1 Minute Jumping Rope
  14. Standing Inner Biceps Cur x 12
  15. 1 Minute Jumping Rope
  16. Push Up x 12
  17. Standing Dumbbell Tricep Extension x 12
  18. If there is time left, finish the 15 minutes with Jumping Rope

Feedback Please!

Did you try this workout?  What did you think?  Comment and let me know!

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