Ready for Tight abs? Do this workout! 30 Minute Challenge Day 21

Do you want a tight belly?  Try this cardio and ab workout!

Warm Up

Be sure to get a proper warm up!  Try 10 minutes of walking or light jogging.


I.  Sprints x 12 Minutes - Walk or Jog for 1 minute then sprint (all out as hard and fast as you safely can) for 30 seconds.  Repeat for 8 sprints.  

II.  Abs - Repeat this entire circuit 1-2 times.

  1. Criss-Cross x 30
  2. Stability Ball Throw x 15 - Lay on your back with a stability ball in your hands.  Raise your arms and legs together.  Throw the ball and catch it with your ankles.  Lower the arms and legs back to the ground.  Lift the arms and legs together, grab the ball, lower the arms and legs back to the ground.  Repeat.
  3. V-Seated In & Outs x 30
  4. Roll Ups x 15
  5. Boat Twist x 50
  6. Plank Up & Downs x 20 - Begin in plank position on your hands.  Lower to your elbows.  Return to original position.  Repeat.
  7. Wide leg sit ups x 30 - Lay with arms over head and legs on ground opened as far as you can.  Push back into floor.  Sit up and twist to right side.  Lower, sit up and twist to left side.  Repeat.
  8. Butterfly Push Thru's with Medicine Ball x 30 - Lay on your back.  Place heels together and bend knees into a butterfly position.  Holding a medicine ball out in front of you crunch up and push medicine ball up and between legs.  Repeat crunch.
  9. V-seated in & outs side/side x 30 - In & Outs but instead of bringing legs straight in to your body twist at your abs and bring the legs to the side.  Repeat on other side.
  10. Military Leg Holds & Pulses x 64 - Hold military legs x 8, Pulse legs up and down x 8.  Quick break.  Repeat x 4.


Did you love this workout?  Did you hate it?  Did you love to hate it?  Leave comments and let me know!

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