Newbies - Get Started Working Out!

Newbies Get Started Working Out

As a Newbie I will assume that you are not working out at all.  To compliment your new healthy eating patterns you need a good fitness routine.  Here's what you need to do to get started:

1.  Do at least three 1/2 hour cardio sessions per week.  Start slow and start with something you enjoy.  If you love Zumba then do a Zumba class.  If you love rocking it out on the treadmill while you get lost in your music then go for it!  

****Major BUT here - You need to do cardio sessions BUT don't do them at a normal steady state.  Instead do intervals.  Start with a warm up then go as hard  as you can for 30 seconds.  Drop back to a maintainable speed for 2-3 minutes.  Repeat this for the duration of your workout or at least 8 rounds.  This type of cardio will greatly increase your fat burn not only while you are working out but also for hours afterwards.  Your cardio session should not last more than 30-40 minutes at the most.

2.  Add the No Skinnies Newbies Workout Video to your fitness routine at least twice a week.  Do this for 3-4 weeks until your body starts to get use to it and you start to become more comfortable with doing these types of exercises.

Newbies Workout Video

*This workout assumes you are currently NOT currently lifting any weights and need help getting started with a few basic moves.  It is a challenging workout but it does not include any fancy moves!

Below the video you can find a list of all of the moves included in the workout video.

Warm Up

Be sure to do a proper warm up prior to doing this video.  Try going for a 10 minute walk or light jog.

Exercises included in the video:

  1. Knee Highs x 30
  2. Squats x 12
  3. Jumping Jacks x 15
  4. Bicep Curls x 12
  5. Heel Taps x 30
  6. Tricep Kickbacks x 12
  7. Jump Squat x 8
  8. Deadlifts x 12
  9. Bob & Weave x 12
  10. Push Ups x 4
  11. Boxer Bounce x 16
  12. Upright Row x 12
  13. Burpee + Pushup x 4
  14. Abs - Military Leg Holds & Pulses x 8 (Repeat 3 times)
  15. March in Place x 16


What did you think of this workout?  Did you love it? Did you hate it?  No asshole remarks about the editing or quality of the video - it's free!  Deal with it.  Besides, the point is to get a good workout, not critic my video skills!

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