Sexy Shoulder Workout with Vine Video! 30 Day Challenge Day 23

Sexy Shoulders Workout! 

Warm Up

Be sure to get a proper warm up prior to beginning this workout.  Try a 10 minute run and/or light jog.


Use full control and proper form when performing each exercise.  The videos will show you how to do the exercises.  They are in the order that they are listed.  Complete all exercises then repeat the full circuit for a total of 3 rounds.

I.  First 3 Moves:

  • Arm Circles - 30 Forward, 30 Back
  • Jumping Jacks with Weight x 30
  • Bent over Rear Delts x 12

II.  Second 3 Moves:

  • Car Drivers x 24
  • Jumping Jacks with Weight x 30
  • Cuban press x 12

III.  Third 3 Moves:

  • Plank on Knees - Alternating Anterior Raises x 12 Each Arm
  • Iron Cross x 12
  • Seated Military Press

IV.  Jump Rope

If it takes you less than 10 minutes to complete the circuit finish out the 10 minutes with jumping rope.

**These videos were produced using Vine.  Follow me on Vine!  See all NoSkinnies workout posts using #NoSkinnies.  (Vine is currently only available as an Iphone app).  For more info on Vine check out this post:  What is Vine?


Y'all comment and let me know what you think of the Vine videos and this workout!

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