Chest, Back, & Shoulders - Back to Basics! 30 Minute Challenge Day 19

Back to Basics!

Let's get back to basics!  These old school moves will have your heart rate pumping and your muscles screaming!

Warm Up:

Be sure to get a proper warm up.  Walk/Jog for 10 minutes, do jumping jacks and running in place, dance...whatever...just make sure you warm up!

The Workout:

Complete the full circuit in 10 minutes.  Repeat for a total of 3 rounds.  Do not sacrifice form!  Perform each exercise with control and proper technique.  For best results use the heaviest weight you possibly can while still maintaining proper form.


  • Military Press (heavy weight) x 12
  • Jumping Jacks (5lbs weight) x 30
  • Upright Row (heavy weight) x 12
  • Bob & Weave with punch (3lbs weight) x 30 (15 each arm)
  • Alternating anterior and lateral raises (medium weight) x 12 each
  • Boxers bounce with weight (3lbs weight) x 30


  • Row (heavy weight) x 12
  • Mountain Climbers x 30
  • Superman to Swimming (alternating opposite arm & leg) x 30
  • Jump Rope x 30
  • Deadlifts (heavy weight) x 12
  • Knee Highs x 30


  • Pushups x 12
  • Burpees (no pushup) x 15
  • Chest Press (heavy weight) x 12
  • Run in Place x 30
  • Fly (medium weight) x 12
  • Jump Rope x 30


  • If you finish in less than 10 minutes complete the circuit with jumping rope.

Rest 1-2 minutes then repeat the whole workout!


What did you think of this workout?  Comment and let me know!

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