Blast Fat With Kettlebells! Vine Video Included!


Why Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are not new but they are just now hitting it big in the fitness world. Kettlebells work your muscles in a much different way than traditional dumbbells because they require lots of swinging motions as well as holding the weights in a much different way than we are accustomed to.

Try It!
Try this Kettlebell workout. I’ve chosen exercises that are fairly simple but don’t let that fool you – you will still blast fat and get a great burn!

Warm Up

Start with a quick warm up. Take a walk or light jog or just dance around for 5-8 minutes.

The Workout

*Note – if the 6 second video demo doesn’t start automatically simply click on it.

1st 2 Moves: Swing x 25; Upright Row x 16

2nd 2 Moves: Roll Up x 12, Fly x 12

3rd 2 Moves: Squat x 25, Single Arm Snatch x 12 Each Arm

4th 3 Moves: Deadlift x 12, Bicep Curl x 12, Tricep Overhead Extension x 12

5th 3 Moves: Side Press (Right) x 12, Side Press (Left) x 12, Tricep Kickback x 12

6th 2 Moves: Bicep Bottoms-Ups x 12 Each Arm, Crunch x 25

7th Move: Renegade Row x 12 Each Side **Be very careful with this move! You must hold yourself up on top of the kettlebells. You must have good balance to do this!


Comment and let me know what you thought of this workout!

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