10 FREE Ways to Keep Your Kids Physically Active This Summer


FREE Things You Can Do to Keep Your Kids Entertained and Active During Summer

It's that time of year - the schools are giving us our kids back!  What will you do to keep your kids physically active this summer?  

Camps can help keep kids physically active and kids love camps but they can be very expensive.  I have scheduled a couple of camps for my kids and they were over $200 for 1 week of 1/2 days!  Ouch.

Create Your Own Camp

Block out one hour per day to be at "camp".  Tell your kids it's "camp time" and each day try one of the activities from this list that I've compiled.

**Note - it's very important to make it fun!  Don't tell them it's workout time...instead it's "camp" time or it's just play time with Mommy.  

  1. Make a scavenger hunt.  Hide clues around the yard and let the little ones get excited finding them.  Let the prize at the end be something fun like getting to spray Mommy with the water hose or push Mommy into the pool.  Kids love that stuff!
  2. Night time walk - Take them for walk at night.  They'll love it.  Point out all of the different things about walking at night - lightning bugs, the lights from houses and the city, the fresh air.
  3. Balloons.  Kids LOVE balloons!  Blow up a couple of balloons and toss them around in the yard.  You can literally keep your kids entertained for hours doing this!  Give prizes for keeping the ball off the ground for at least 10 bounces.  Give a prize for the longest amount of bounces the balloon was kept off the ground.
  4. Play hide & seek.  Set up a base.  In order to not be "it" they must run to base without being caught.
  5. Play baseball, football, soccer, or pass a frisbee.  For each run they hit or each frisbee they catch assign prizes.  The prizes should be little crap you find around the house...a sticker book, one of Dad's old hats, Mardi Gras beads left over from the parades, etc.
  6. Make your own relay course.  The kids will enjoy making the relay course as much as they enjoy completing it.  Make it as elaborate as you want.  Be creative - make them balance a book on their head as they move as quickly as possible from one relay point to the next, make them wear a fancy hat that they must pass off to the next person...anything goes.
  7. Bootcamp - kids love to pretend so why not pretend they are in bootcamp.  Let them dress in camo and put black paint under their eyes.  Have them do push ups, sit ups, sprints, and crawl on the ground.  They will love getting dirty.
  8. Put on a show.  Girls especially love putting on a performance.  Let them create a gymnastics show, a dance, or a play.  Let them practice it and then perform it for you.
  9. Anything Water!   Don't have access to a pool?  No problem!  Kids can play with a water hose for hours!
  10. Gardening.  Have some plants that need to be moved?  Kids love to dig in the dirt.  They also love to see things grow.  Instead of paying someone to move plants around your yard enlist the help of your children.  Teach them how to properly uproot a plant and transport it to another spot.  

I could go on and on with ideas for keeping your kids physically fit during the summer but this list is a good starting place.  Comment and let me know your favorite ways to keep your kids physically active during the summer!  

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