How Cutting My Workout in 1/2 Changed My Body - 30 Minute Challenge Results

The 30 Minute Challenge

I created The 30 Minute/30 Day Challenge to see if changing my workouts to higher intensity but 1/2 the time would make a difference.  

All of the workouts I did are here.

What Exactly Did I Do?

  • I worked out for no more than 30 minutes per day.
  • I stopped doing steady state cardio.  During the challenge, my cardio consisted of 12 minutes of sprints, a 10 minute jump rope session, or high intensity cardio disbursed throughout my weight lifting sessions.
  • I lifted heavy weights.
  • I worked out 5-6 times a week (usually 6).
  • I ate an average of 2000 calories a day.  MOST of the food was clean.  I ate veggies, eggs, lean protein, oatmeal, power bars, protein shakes, etc.  I did not put any limitations on myself as far as how many carbs I could have per day.  

My initial fear was that I would lose all of the progress I had made so far in my working out and eating clean efforts.  I was not in the BEST shape of my life going into this challenge but I did feel pretty good about myself.

The Results

They say a picture speaks a thousand words so here's a picture of the results:

So, Did the 30 Minute Challenge Work?

Yes, the 30 Minute Challenge Worked!  The Day 30 picture shows a much tighter and toned body.  Amazing considering I did 1/2 my workout and ate more than ever!

Will you be next?  Try the 30 Day Challenge.  All of the workouts are here!  


Let me know what you think of this challenge.  Will you try it?  Are you sold on the 30 minute workout or will you be heading out the door to go do an hour on the treadmill?  Old habits die hard!

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