Easy & Basic Biceps & Triceps Workout to Sculpt Beautiful Arms! 30 Minute Challenge Day 27

Back to Basics BICEP & TRICEP Workout!

Tired of trying to figure out new fancy exercises?  Skip the learning curve and get back to basic moves!  

Rev up your metabolism for hours after your workout by performing heavy weight lifting!  For the best results perform all sculpting exercises with the maximum amount of weight possible while still maintaining proper form.  Perform all cardio moves at your all out maximum effort!

The workout segment is only 10 minutes.  It includes very basic but effective exercises.  Repeat complete segment 3 times for a 30 minute workout.  

Warm Up:

Be sure to start with a warm up.  Try a 10 minute walk/light jog or light jump rope or just dance for 10 minutes!  Anything to get the blood flowing and loosen up your muscles.

The Workout:


Did you try this workout?  What did you think?  Comment below and let me know!

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