Your Food is Poisoning You!

Food Industry Secrets


There's an ugly truth in the food industry.  There are secrets they don't want you to know!  Even foods traditionally considered "healthy" have surprising secrets behind them.  Did you know that cows are given antibiotics in order to stave off E. coli that is produced from the massive amounts of corn they are fed?  Did you know that your ground beef is not 100% ground beef but instead has "fillers" placed in it in an effort to cater to the fast food industries?  That's right - the same beef that is processed for fast food chains is what we are being sold in the grocery stores!  Did you know that nearly every processed food you put in your mouth contains high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)?  Do you know the affects of having a diet high in HFCS?

On My Own Nerves

My friend, Deb, over at has put together a great post pointing to several sources for learning about the many shocking food industry secrets.  Deb is not a health nut.  She is not going to tell you to throw out all of the food in your house and only eat lettuce for the rest of your life.  She is just a girl on a journey to becoming more aware of what she feeds her body.  Check out her great post on how our food is poisoning us here.


Let me know your thoughts on how food is poisoning us!  Have you watched any of the movies Deb has referenced?  Have you read any of the books?  Tell me what you thought of them!  Comment below.

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