Full Body Fat Blast with Vine Video! 30 Minute Challenge Day 29

Full Body Fat Blast And Sculpt

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How would you like to blast fat and build beautiful lean muscles while super charging your metabolism for hours after your workout? What if you could do all of this in 30 minutes? You can! Research has shown that your body will burn more fat from a high intensity workout for 30 minutes than it will from an hour long steady state of cardio.

For this workout, use the heaviest weights you can stand. Don’t worry ladies – you are not going to bulk up. Clear your minds of this concern. It’s just not gonna happen unless you are taking supplements in order to intentionally bulk up. I could show you research and pictures proving this to you but we’ll save that for another post. For now, let’s get on with our workout!

Warm Up

Start with a quick warm up. Take a walk or light jog or just dance around for 5-8 minutes.

The Workout

Give each move all you’ve got. It’s only 30 minutes! You can do it! If the workout is too intense simply reduce the number of reps to 1/2 of what is suggested. Do one 15 minute round now. If you can, do another 15 minute round later.

**Note – if the video appears as a black box simply click on it and it will play without launching another window.

1st 3 Moves: Jump Rope 1 Minute, Triangle Push up x 20, Bicep Curls x 12

2nd 3 Moves: Squats with heavy weights x 12, Jump Rope 1 Minute, Upright Row x 12

3rd 3 Moves: Side Lunge with Knee High (Right) x 20, Side Lunge with Knee High (Left) x 20, Jump Rope 1 Minute

4th 3 Moves: V-seated in & outs x 30, Tricep Kickback x 12, Hammer Curls X 12

5th 3 Moves: Jump Rope x 1 Minute, Bench Knee Ups (Right) x 20, Bench Knee Ups (Left) x 20

6th 3 Moves: Jump Rope 1 Minute, Lunge & Kick (Right) x 20, Lunge & Kick (Left) x 20

7th 3 Moves: Jump Squat x 30, Military Leg Hold x 8, Pulse x 8 (Repeat x 4), Weighted Jumping Jacks x 30

Last 3 Moves: Chatarunga x 12 (push up with elbows scraping ribs on the way down and up), Chest Press x 12, Finish with Jumping Rope