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Do You Crave Sweet Treats?

Do you sometimes crave a good treat?  Peanut butter cookies, cookie dough, and other good ole sweet carb filled treats?  Of course you do!  We all do!  And it's okay to have them - as long as you ditch the processed junk you find in the grocery stores and vending machines and have a wholesome healthy treat instead!  

Cleaning Out My Closet!  (Well, Pantry)

I am on a quest to rid my pantry of all things processed, especially those containing white refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  Honestly this would be a pretty easy task for me.  For my kids, however, this is a daunting thought.  My 9 year old literally cried when I told her I would not be buying more Chocolate Chip Protein Bars for her after she eats the ones we currently have in the pantry.  

For the most part my kids eat healthy.  They have protein bars instead of candy bars.  They have baked chips and crackers instead of the grease filled deep fried chips and crackers the grocery isles are lined with.  So, what's the problem?  Well, part of the problem is that I'm never satisfied and always think there is room for improvement (LOL).  The other problem is that although they currently eat healthier options they are still not the best options.  

Most "healthy" protein bars are processed and contain ingredients I can't even pronounce, much less reproduce in nature.  Baked chips and crackers are not fried in oil but they still contain hydrogenated oils.  Simply put, there are more natural and nutritious options.


Freshly Luscious

I've teamed up with my friend, Katie Dixon, from Freshly Luscious to help me rid my pantry of processed foods all together.  She is an amazing cook.  She only cooks with the healthiest of ingredients and she eliminates white flour and white sugar.  She offers many gluten free, Vegan, and Vegetarian options.  The reasons I care about these options will have to wait for another post.  Coming soon I will post on why you should eliminate sugar, high fructose corn syrup, white flour, and processed foods from your diet.  I will also post on why you should care about "Gluten-Free" recipes.  For now, just trust me when I say they are better options.

So here's the plan - Katie or I will take a staple from my pantry, such as protein bars, and whip up a healthier option.  When Katie makes over a recipe, she will send me a sample, the recipe, and the nutritional info.  And then, guess what!  I will share them with you!  You can try preparing the recipes yourself or you can order them already prepared from her!  When I makeover a recipe I will share it with you.  You can try the recipe for yourself or you can ask Katie to prepare it for you!  How flippin cool is that?

Submit Your Favorite Processed Foods for a Makeover!

In addition to the awesomeness that I have already bestowed upon you (hehehe) I will also offer you the opportunity to submit your favorite processed food for a recipe makeover.  That's right!  You can submit your favorite foods to me and Katie or I will do a makeover for free!  The only way yours can be chosen is if you submit it so click in the comments section below and leave me the details of which food(s) you want made over!  Do it now, don't wait.  We already have a long list so if you want your favorite food made over soon you need get on the list right away!

The Recipes

So here we go - the first recipe makeover is ready for your tasting pleasures!  I will not lie - it is absolutely DIVINE!  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies!  There is NO white flour and NO white sugar in these bad boys!  They are gluten free and Vegan!  This is one of Katie's original makeover recipes!  Check out the recipe here.

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Let me know what you think of our New Recipe Makeover Corner!  Don't forget to leave your ideas for recipe makeovers in the comments section below!

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