Check in With My Newbies

Check in With My Newbies!

Hi Newbies!  I'm so, so, so thankful for each and every one of you and I'm so happy you are here!    

What's New for You at NoSkinnies?

Check out this week's Recipes of the Week post.

Getting Started!

I hope you have all started planning your meals and recording your food!  If you need a refresher course on getting started toward your healthy lifestyle click here.


In case you need the templates again here they are:

Daily Activity

Remember to add some daily activity to your schedule.  It doesn't matter what it is - a 30 minute walk, playing with kids in the yard, a bike ride, a zumba class, a sculpting class, whatever.  Just start moving!  

Coming Soon!

Very soon I'll be adding the Newbies Workout Corner so stay tuned!

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Let Me Know How You are Doing!  Ask Me Questions!

Let me know how you are doing!  I love questions too - so click on the comments section below and ask away!