Tank top Worthy Shoulders Workout! 30 Minute Challenge Day 15

This cardio and shoulder sculpting segment will have you ready for tank top season in no time!  Do three 10 minute rounds.

I.  Warm Up - Be sure to get a proper warm up for 8-10 minutes before starting the workout!

II.  Workout

  1. Arm Circles x 30 forward, 30 backwards
  2. Jumping Jacks with weight x 30
  3. Bent over rear delt raise x 12
  4. Car Drivers x 24 - hold a weight plate in both hands.  Extend arms straight out in front of you so that arms are parallel with the floor.  Twist the plate as if turning a steering wheel.  
  5. Jumping Jacks with weight x 30
  6. Cuban Press x 12
  7. Rear Lateral Alternating Raises from Plank Position x 12 each arm - Assume plank position with a dumbell under each hand.  Lift one arm at a time to a rear lateral raise.
  8. Iron Cross x 12 - arms out by side shoulder height, squat and bring arms together.
  9. Seated Military Press x 12
  10. Jump Rope (jump to finish out the 10 minute segment)

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Who tried this workout?  What did you think of it?