Two Changes that Transformed My Body...And How You Can Do it Too!

My Before & After...And How You Can Do it Too!

Several months ago I was doing steady state cardio and very little weight training.  I did my cardio first thinking that I needed to boost my calories burned during my workout sessions because I was indulging in the Vodka a bit too much (like 3-4 nights a week partying hard!).  I'd often get on the treadmill and run for an hour ... counting down the minutes until the calorie counter on the treadmill said I had burned 600 calories.  Six hundred calories translated to 9 shots of vodka.  What the hell was I thinking?  I can't believe I was treating my body this way.  As you can see in the before picture my skin was pasty and I was bloated and sporting little to no muscle.  

So, What 2 Changes Did I Make?

  1. I cut WAY back on the vodka.  It was just crazy that I was drinking as much as I was.  It started as a couple of drinks here and there but before I knew it I was downing a 1/2 bottle several times a week.  I'm very fortunate that I can cut out alcohol whenever I want.  For several months I didn't drink anything.  I took a complete vaca from the booze.  These days I drink maybe once a month...twice at the most.  
  2. I changed my workouts.  I no longer do hour long workouts and steady state cardio.  I incorporate heavy weighs into my workouts and I only lift for 20-30 minutes.  I keep my heart rate elevated while lifting by doing Tabatas (4 minute rounds of ALL OUT work for 20 seconds and resting for 10 seconds) and/or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) type workouts.


If I am am doing cardio I do it last.  I have learned that if I start with cardio I tend to skip out on my weight lifting sessions.  

I am not jumping on board with all of the latest hype about not doing cardio.  I enjoy cardio and I plan to continue doing an occasional run or elliptical session.  The difference is that I now use cardio as a destressing and relaxation method rather than as my workout session.  The weights are my workout session; any additional cardio is just for me and improving my attitude.

Don't fear the weights!  You will NOT bulk up!

Seriously folks you will not bulk up by lifting weights!  Look at those 2 pictures.  The after picture is way more lean and cut and looks smaller.  This is what weights did for me.  I am short and have always been told that I have a gymnasts body so if anyone is going to bulk up due to lifting weights I would be the one but that has not happened.

What can You do to transform your body?

  1. Ask yourself - "What is my Vodka?".  Do you indulge in sugary sweets?  Maybe you drink sodas?  What one thing could you cut out of your diet to clean it up tremendously?  I'm not saying never have it again...just cut it out except for special occasions.  Click here and read about creating "breaks" in your goal setting so you can still enjoy your treats.
  2. Check out the 30 Minute Challenge.  I am posting a new workout session for 30 days.  The workouts are only 30 minutes but they are tough and they incorporate weights.  Give it a shot!

Let me know what you plan to change so you can get started on transforming your body!