Which Protein Supplement is Best for You?

Which protein supplement is best for you?  Good question.  The only way you will know is to try a few.  Some will leave you feeling gassy and bloated (not fun).  Some will give you stomach cramps.  Some will be perfect and you'll have no unwanted side affects.  They are all different.  You'll just have to try a few to figure out what works best for you.

Natural First

First I'd like to stress that it is ALWAYS better to get your protein naturally from food sources.  Here's a list of easy sources of protein.  However, I also realize that cooking a meal is not always an option and sometimes it is just easier to gulp down a protein shake or protein bar.

My Picks for Protein Supplements

EAS:  I use the pre-made Strawberry Cream flavor.  I keep these in the fridge for days that I don't have time to make a shake or a smoothie and need to grab something quick on my way out the door.  These are only 100 calories and boast 17g of Protein!

Syntha 6:  I use the cookies and cream flavor.  Yummy.  I mix with water instead of milk.  I typically only make a 1/2 a serving.  With a 1/2 a serving you get 100 calories and 11g of Protein.

Zone Perfect Chocolate Bar:  These are so yummy.  There are several flavors to choose from.  I've tried them all and I've liked them all!  They are like getting a treat or a dessert.  I use them as part of my breakfast when I don't have time to cook an omelet or sit down with a bowl of cereal.  They have 190 calories and 12g of Protein.

Please leave a comment and let me know which protein supplements work best for you.  I'll try them too!