How to Stay Fit & Never Again Say, "I'll Never Again Eat Cake"!

Inspired By Lent

Who out there was inspired by lent to give up something they really love for 40 days?  My whole family participated this year.  Here's the breakdown:

  • Lucy - Lucy gave up Ritz Bits With Cheese (this is huge for her!)  She's only 6.  There was only one major meltdown during the whole 40 days.  So proud of my baby.
  • August - August gave up changing her earrings.  LOL  That's how a 9 year old girl's mind works I guess.  She did a great job and kept to her lent all the way.
  • David - David gave up sugary desserts and cereals and eating after he felt full.  Great job babe!
  • Me - I gave up sugary desserts and eating after 7pm.  This was so hard!  I usually eat the majority of my calories between 8:30 and 10pm after the kids go to bed and I can finally sit down and eat in peace.  I did it though.  When I felt I just had to have some sort of substance after 7pm I reached for a cup of hot cocoa (sugar free of course).  I did not cheat one single time.  Giving up the sugary desserts wasn't nearly as hard as I expected except for when I had to bake 2 cakes for Lucy's birthday and cupcakes for a dinner party we attended!  I usually at least get to lick unused icing off my fingers at some point along the way!

Our Rewards:

The deal among my family members was that if we ALL succeeded then we would all be rewarded in two ways:  

  1. Lucy would get to pick our next family vacation destination (maybe not the best idea in the world in retrospect since she wants to fly to VA to pick up her friend, Ava, and then go to Disney World).  
  2. On Easter Sunday we could all eat anything we wanted all day long - no restrictions on food choice, amount, or time.  This worked so very well!  Although at the end of the day we were all feeling quite ill.  Ugh

Never Again Say, "I'll Never Again Eat Cake"!

The unexpected reward that came out of this experience is that it changed how I feel about "giving up" certain foods and/or eating patterns.  I no longer will tell myself that I can never ever again have a dessert or that I can never ever again eat after 7pm.  This strategy doesn't work because as soon as we tell ourselves we can't have something our minds immediately start to obsess over it and we want it that much more!  So instead of saying "I'll never again eat cake" or "I'll never again eat after 7pm", my husband and I have decided to set specific goals (no sugar, no gluten, no eating after 7pm, etc) and stick to them for a specific amount of time.  We have decided to look at our calendar together and pick a date that is somewhere around 40-60 days from the current date.  Until the 40-60 days have passed we must stick our goals but on the date that we mutually agreed up, IF we have stuck to our goals, then we can eat whatever we want, whenever we want for the whole day.  

So Here We Go

  • David - David will eat gluten-free.  He will not eat sugary desserts or cereals and he will only eat until he is full.
  • Me - I will stick to 1500 calories a day.  I will not eat sugary desserts.  I will not eat after 7pm.  
  • We will "break" on May 18th.  We picked this date because it is my birthday :->

Give it a Shot!

What have you got to lose?  Give it a shot.  Comment and let me know what your goals are and when you will break!

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