Abs & Jump Rope; 30 Minute Challenge Day 1

I.  10 Minutes Jump Rope

II.  2 Rounds of Abs; Do each exercise for 50 seconds, Rest for 10 

  1. Military Legs Hold
  2. Knee Highs (as fast as you can)
  3. V-Seated In/Out (pull knees and upper body together then extend out)
  4. Standing Knee Crunch - Right Leg
  5. V-Seated Side/Side (pull knees in to one side, extend, pull knees in to the opposite side)
  6. Standing Knee Side Crunch - Right Leg
  7. Spiderman
  8. Standing Knee Crunch - Left Leg
  9. Plank with Toe Taps and Up & Down (begin in plank position on hands; tap right toes out then back in, tap left toes out then back in; lower upper body to elbows, repeat toe taps, raise upper body back to hands; Repeat)  
  10. Standing Knee Side Crunch - Left Leg

Total 30 minutes!

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