Want to Stay Motivated? Stop Working Out for Hours: The 30 Minute Challenge

The 30 Minute Challenge

My workouts have always been made up of at least 45 minutes of cardio plus approximately a 1/2 hour of sculpting/lifting of some sort.  As long as I am eating clean this workout has always worked very well for me in terms of results.  So, what's the issue?  Well, it's 45 minutes of cardiio plus another 1/2 hour of sculpt.  That's an hour and 15 minutes!  That's a big chunk of my time.  Wouldn't it be great if I could get the same results in less than 1/2 the time?   According to the internet, I can.  I've read that with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts you can get the same results from your workout in 1/2 the time.  Not only will you burn just as many calories during your workouts but there will be an after-burn effect that lasts for several hours after your workout.

Here's a few of the sites I got my info from:

LiveStrong.com:  Find info on high intesity/shorter duration training here.

ScienceDaily.com:  Find info on high intesity/shorter duration training here.

Dr. Sara Solomon:  I really like this girl.  Why?  First of all she has a beautifully sculpted body!  Second, she offers great advise on thinking critically before you start anything new in life - much less a new fitness or diet plan.  In this link she discusses thinking critically as well as what she does to keep in shape.  She does 20-30 minute workouts only.  Keep in mind that she also eats a very clean diet.  She makes sure to get her daily required fiber and protein intake.  I will do a full review post on how I feel about her site, her philosophies, and her diet & workout approaches at another time.

So Here's the Challenge:

  • 30 days; No more than 30 minutes of working out per day.  Even though I do believe that this challenge will work based on the research I have done, this is terrifying for me!  Swimsuit season is coming up.  I've been working out soooo hard and soooo long!  My mind just can't seem to grasp that I can work out for less time and get the same results.
  • I'm not changing anything in my daily life except the duration, intensity and focus of my workouts.  

Since I'm doing the jump rope challenge I will use the jump rope as my cardio on days that I add cardio to the routine.

  • Monday:  Jump Rope 10 Minutes, 20 minutes abs (include standing ab work here to keep your Heart Rate up)
  • Tuesday:  Jump Rope 10 Minutes; 20 Minutes Lower body strength/HIIT
  • Wednesday:  Full body strength/HIIT 30 minutes
  • Thursday:  Jump Rope 10 Minutes; 20 Minutes Upper body strength/HIIT
  • Friday:  Jump Rope 10 Minutes, 20 minutes abs (include standing ab work here to keep your Heart Rate up)
  • Saturday:  Full body strength/HIIT 30 minutes

I will post my workouts daily so you can follow along with the challenge with the exact same workouts I am doing.  Of course you don't have to do this; make up your own routines if that works better for you.  Or if you don't like the jump rope do HIIT on the treadmill or elliptical instead.  Or try some of Dr. Sara Solomon's workouts (she has videos).

Just so You Know...Here's What am I Currently Doing That I Will Not Change:

  • I eat 1500 calories most days (occasionally I'll go over this by a couple hundred but I never go under it).
  • I don't eat after 7pm.  I started this as part of my "lent" this year and have stuck to it.  I didn't do this because I believe that eating late makes you fat.  I did this because I was stuck in a rut of eating clean all day but then after 7pm (well really after 8:30 after the kids went to bed) I'd start snacking.  Even if I snacked on clean foods (which I usually did not), I'd still add on an extra 300-400 calories per day easily.  The thing is I was never actually hungry.  I was using the food as a means of unwinding from the day.  Now, instead of food I reach for a cup of sugar free hot cocoa.
  • I don't eat sugary desserts unless it truly is a SPECIAL occasion or unless I am on a 1 day break from one of my challenges (I'll post about this later).
  • I usually go to bed by 10pm and rise around 5:30am.
  • When I get up in the mornings I drink a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, drink an energy drink, get kids to school, workout, then drink a protein shake.  
  • I typically do not eat many carbs after 4.  I don't do this because I believe eating carbs late in the day makes you fat.  I do this because most of the things I cook for dinner don't have alot of carbs.  My family is not big on eating bread, potatoes, or pasta just because of we don't like them, not because we are scared of them making us fat.  You can check out some of my recipes under the Nutrition link at the top of the page.

To Prove or Disprove That This Challenge Works I Will Do the Following:

  • I will take pictures the day I start the challenge.
  • I will take pictures every 7 days wearing the same clothes.
  • I will take pictures at the end of the challenge wearing the same clothes.
  • I will post the pictures so you can follow along with my progress (or lack thereof).
  • I will not weigh myself.

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Okay, that's it.  Now let's go do it!  Comment and let me know what you think of this challenge.  Let me know if you plan to follow along.  Let me know your questions.  Let me know, let me know, let me know!!!!