Can't Run? 6 Great Workout Options to Try Today!

Can't run?  Several NoSkinnies followers have asked for alternatives to running.  Some people don't enjoy running because they get bored or they can't run because of joint impact issues .  Regardless of your reason for not running, you can still get a great workout and get into fabulous shape without running.

6 Great Workout Options

1.  Indoor Cycle (aka Spin):  Cycle can burn up to 600 calories in a 45 minute class.  It will definitely give you a great workout without the impact pressure that running puts on your body.  In addition to getting a great cardio workout you also build strength in your legs as many of the rides require you to add resistance to your bike.  If you have never tried cycle, now is the time.  Do not be intimidated.  Let the instructor know that you are new.  The instructor will help you adjust the bike to a perfect fit for you.  The great thing about cycle is that everyone can work at their own pace.  It is a tough workout, no doubt; but if you get tired you can slow your pace and catch your breath and then jump back in whenever you are ready.  No one around you even notices as they are focused on their own workout!  

2.  Zumba:  I tease that Zumba is for prissy white women who like to see themselves grind in the mirror but it really is a great workout.  I've done it a couple of times and left with a great sweat both times!  Zumba offers a great cardio workout without the jumping around that many fitness classes require.  Many of the Zumba moves are initiated from the core so while your main goal is to get a great cardio workout you get a second benefit of toning your core.  

3.  Treadmill Climb:  Set the treadmill incline on 10-12.  Set your speed between 3-5 (whatever you can stand) and have at it.  Fantastic workout.  Does get boring though so mix it with your sculpting routine.  Climb for 10 minutes then get off the treadmill and do a round of sculpt (if it is arms day then do a round of biceps, triceps, and shoulders).  Hop back on the treadmill and do another 10 minute climb.  Repeat until you are finished.

4.  Jumping Rope:  Same concept as the treadmill incline.  Jump rope for 2-5 minutes (whatever you can stand) and then do a round of sculpt.  Repeat.  Try the Two week Jumprope Challenge.  Each 10 minutes of jumping rope at your maximum potential burns close to 150 calories!

5.  Tabatas:  Also known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  Set your timer for 20 seconds.  Do one exercise as hard as you can for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds.  Repeat 8 times.  Rest 1 minute then repeat with a different exercise.  Continue for 45 minutes.  This is an excellent option for someone with injuries – you can pick your own exercises that you know won’t hurt your injuries.  ANY exercise will do – just make sure you do it at full force for the 20 seconds.  Common exercises used are jumping jacks, mountain climbers, toe taps, burpees, knee taps, so on.  Here's a week of Tabatas for you to get ideas from.

6.  Pilates:  Pilates does not have to be slow and boring.  You do not have to join an overpriced Pilates and Yoga studio to do Pilates!  There’s an online site called Pilates Anytime (no, Pilates Anytime is not paying me to promote them...they don't even know I exist!).  For Pilates Anytime you pay $18 per month and have unlimited access to classes that have been prerecorded.  When I get in a funk I sign up for a month and do as many classes as I can.  Pilates is the BEST sculpting exercise out there in my opinion.  There is also a class or two called “Cardiolates” that speeds up the Pilates moves so that you keep your heart rate up while performing the moves.  I think they offer a free trial period.  Sign up and try it.  If you love it then stick with it.  If you hate it cancel your trial.  Nothing lost.

Please comment and let me know what your favorite "Non-Running" cardio workouts are!