8 Weeks to Swimsuit: Week 5 Meal Plan and Workout Breakdown

Shake up your meal plan this week!

Shake up your meal plan this week!

This week we will shake it up a bit with our meal plan.  Notice that each day has a specific goal/theme listed for that day.  I.e. Meatless Monday, No Sugar Sunday, etc.  I planned it this way in an attempt to show you that with planning ahead and moderation you can live a healthy lifestyle without walking around feeling deprived and hungry. 

When you limit yourself for only a day at a time you are more likely to stick to your goals.  For instance, notice that I have marked Saturday as “No Alcohol”.  So, if you feel you must have a drink then have it on Friday but don’t have it Friday and Saturday.  This is a way of getting what you want but doing so in moderation.  You are not telling yourself that you can never have alcohol again; you are simply telling yourself that you can’t have it both weekend nights.  This ONE change, only having alcohol on one weekend night, can save you 500-1000 calories easily!

I made Sunday “No Sugar Day” because I know many people “start over” on Monday.  This leaves them with the “go all out” mentality on Sunday.  Don’t eat deserts with this mindset.  Doing so is a guaranteed way to blow all of your hard work from the prior week.  You worked too hard all week to just throw it all away!  And besides, it’s just one day. 

If there is a desert you feel you absolutely must have on Sunday save it until Monday.  Set aside a SINGLE serving and get rid of the rest of it.  Tell yourself you have to work out on Monday before you can have the desert.  This will keep you from gulping down a whole pie on Sunday.

Planning ahead and moderation are key to sticking to your clean eating and fitness lifestyle.  Let me know what you think of this week’s meal plan!

8 Weeks to Swimsuit:  Week 5 Meal Plan

8 Weeks to Swimsuit:  Week 5 Workout Plan

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