You WAY Overate...What Now? Top 5 Things You Must do to Stop a Binge!

You WAY Overate...What now?

You WAY Overate...What now?

So you way overate at the family gathering over the weekend?  Or maybe you just shoveled in 1000+ calories during a marathon binge eating session.  What now?

1. STOP!  Slam on the brakes!  Stop eating right now!  Do not get stuck in the mindset that you've already screwed up so you might as well eat everything in sight and get all of your cravings out of the way!  You will never get all of your cravings out of the way.  That is not how it works.  Just because you eat 5 solid chocolate bunnies within a 30 minute period does not mean you'll never want another chocolate bunny again!  So just STOP!  Assess the damage, plan how to repair it, and move on.

2.  Workout.  People often ask me, "After I over eat should I workout to try to make up for the extra calories I took in?  My answer is, "Yes and No".  Yes, go workout.  But No, don't embark on a 4 hour workout in order to try to undo all of the bad you did.  Workout because it gets you out of the kitchen and out of binge mode.  Don't overdo it and hurt yourself.  The goal is just to stop eating and start doing something else.  if you are working out you can't be eating.  It doesn't have to be working out though.  Do anything.  Play a game with your kids, organize your office, take a hot bath....anything!

3.  Calculate.  Figure out how bad you really were.  Often times you'll find that you really didn't consume as many calories as you thought.  So, add them up and plan your next step. 

4.  Spread out the damage.  Over the next week reduce your daily calorie intake by 100-200 calories per day.  Don't try to make up the damage by not eating at all the next day.  This will just leave you starving and probably facing another binge episode.  Also, add an extra 10 -15 minutes of cardio onto your daily workout plans.  At the end of a week you will have made up for most of the damage you did.  Use this meal plan and workout plan template to build your plan for how to undo the damage.

5.  Don't beat yourself up too bad.  It happens to all of us.  We all lose control and over eat from time to time.  Let it go.  Fixating on it will only leave you feeling defeated and feeling bad about yourself.   

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Please comment and let me know how you stop a binge and what you do to recover from it!