8 Week "Damn I have to wear a swimsuit soon!" Plan - Start Here

Start Here!

Start Here!

Here's your step by step "getting started" guide for the 8 week swimsuit plan.

1.  Find an old notebook or journal, a pen, and a camera.  

2.  DO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF!!!  Instead, get your forbidden favorite pair of jeans that you can barely squeeze into out of the dark corner of your closet floor where you hid them.  Put them on.  Make a note of how you feel with these jeans on (actually write it down in that lovely journal you found in step 1).  Write down how they feel on your body.  Are the legs too tight?  Is there skin folding over the sides of the waistband?  Now write down how they make you feel emotionally.  Do you feel like you have lost control?  Do you feel that you want back the YOU that you were when you wore those jeans every other day because they fit you so perfectly?  Write it down!

3.  Take a picture of yourself in those same jeans.  If you can print the picture do so now and tape it next to your notes on how wearing the jeans made you feel.  If you are not able to do so then just save it somewhere that you can easily access it.  You will need this picture on the last day of the challenge.

4.  Make a meal and workout plan for the week:

Download these files:

NoSkinnies Meal and Workout - Plan

NoSkinnies Meal and Workout - Actual

NoSkinnies Meal Plan Example and Workout Example


No fried food.  At least 8-10 servings of fruits and/or vegetables per day.  At least eight 8 oz glasses of water per day.  Eat breakfast, a light snack, lunch, a light snack, and dinner.  Try to limit processed foods, white carbs, alcohol, sweets, and sodas.  Stick to 1400-1800 calories per day.  **Individual calorie requirements vary.  For a consultation regarding the appropriate number of calories for your individual needs please contact us.


Monday - Abs and at least 20 minutes cardio

Tuesday -Back, Chest and Shoulders and at least 20 minutes cardio

Wednesday -Legs & Butt and at least 20 minutes cardio

Thursday - Abs and at least 20 minutes cardio

Friday - Biceps & Triceps and at least 20 minutes cardio

Saturday - 35-45 minutes cardio

You will notice that there is not the typical 45-60 minute cardio requirement.  Cardio is a necessity, however, it is just PART of the plan.  Cardio does burn more calories while being performed than strength building, however, strength building (often overlooked) burns calories long after being performed.  Muscle contributes to a higher resting metabolic rate.  The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism and the more calories you burn at rest.  Build strength and let your body work for you!!!  Don't give me the usual bla bla about not wanting to "bulk" up ladies!  OMG!  You are not going to bulk up!  Following a clean eating plan and the workouts I am recommending you will build a LEAN and TIGHT kick ass body!  If you like going to gym classes which are typically 45 minutes (aerobics, step, zumba, cycle) that A-ok!  Have at it.  It's ok to do more than 20 minutes of cardio.  Just don't wear yourself out and skimp on the strength training!

DO NOT LET THIS OVERWHELM YOU!!!  First of all - it's only 8 weeks.  Second, each week I'll post a sample weekly meal and workout plan for you to use as an example.  Third, nobody is perfect.  I don't expect that you will be 100% perfect on this plan....but at least shoot for 80% perfect.


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