Screw Healthy - I Workout To Be Hot!

Have you seen all the jazz about "I work out to be Healthy" or "I eat nutritious food to be healthy".  Bullshit - I workout and eat right to be hot!  Most people do!  I don't care what they say - the bottom line is this - If working out and eating right ONLY made me healthy and did not positively affect my appearance with sculpted glutes, tight abs, and wiggle-free arms I wouldn't do it and I'm not alone!  Tweet This!

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Pause for a second - Yes, this blog is about being healthy, eating nutritious foods, and working out.  Yes, I want to be healthy.  No I don't want to be a skinny stick figure.  All of this is true.  It is also true that I love to feel good in my skin.  I love for my clothes to hug my curves and show off the muscles I have worked so hard for.  I love to look in the mirror and see a flab-less sculpted body.  

For me to say "I workout and eat right to be healthy" is only a partial truth.  The whole truth is I workout to look good and feel sexy....and as a positive side affect I will most likely be healthier in the long run than if I didn't eat right and workout. 

Who else is ready to tell the truth?  Do you REALLY workout and eat right so you can be healthy?  Or is your truth closer to mine...You REALLY want to look good and feel sexy?  Comment and let me know!

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