Tight Abs For Christmas!

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The holidays are upon us and you know what that means - lots of good food, lounging around, and booze (HA).  It all adds up to unwanted pounds.  This year get ahead of the game by dropping some pounds and tightening up those abs BEFORE the holidays!  Tweet This!



The Challenge

  • Start TODAY!  Continue the challenge until January 1. 
  • Do the Abs Video below every other day.   As you progress, repeat the video until you get up to 3 rounds.
  • Do at least 30 minutes cardio 3 times per week.   Get ideas for your workouts here.
  • No eating after 8pm (or 3 hours before bed). 
  • Drink 1 Gallon of Water Per Day. 
  • Try to eliminate all alcohol, white refined sugar, white carbs, and processed foods.  As long as you are following this rule and the no eating 3 hours before bed rule you will not have to count calories.
  • On Thanksgiving, Christmas (Hanukkah, or whatever the hell you call it) eat WHATEVER you want ALL day long and DON'T workout! 


The Abs Video


The video is nothing fancy but the workout will seriously kick your butt!  Give it a try! 

Warm Up 

Be sure to warm up first!  The video gets straight to work so have your mat on the floor, have your jump rope handy, and be ready to start working as soon as you hit play. 

 The Workout 

This ab video is 10 only minutes.  Each exercise is performed for 50 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest.  

10 Minute Kickass Abs

  1. Military Leg Holds and Pulses - Hold x 8; Pulse legs up and down x 8:  Lay on your back, hands behind your head, shoulders off the ground.  Press back into floor and lift heels off the floor.  Be sure to keep back pressed into floor at all times during this exercise  Breath deep breaths while holding this position for 8 counts.  Keep the position, pulse legs up and down for 8 counts.  Focus on using ab muscles to make the movement.  Repeat from beginning.
  2. Jump Rope Knee Highs
  3. V-up Full Body x 3 & Lower Body Only V ups - Perform 3 Full Body V Ups then place hands on the floor behind you to prop your upper body.  With legs still in the V up position, lift them slightly and lower x 8 (link is to AOL video demo of this move)
  4. Standing cross knee crunch (Right) - Stand with left arm behind your head and elbow out.  Crunch the left elbow down as you bring the right knee up and toward the elbow.  Return to starting position and Repeat.
  5. Good Old Fashioned Crunches
  6. Standing cross knee crunch (Left) - Stand with right arm behind your head and elbow out.  Crunch the right elbow down as you bring the left knee up and toward the elbow.  Return to starting position and Repeat.
  7. Plank
  8. In & Outs - Sit in a V position.  Extend the upper body back and the legs straight out.  Bring them back in together.  Repeat.
  9. Spiderman - In plank position bring leg out to side, bend knee and bring knee in to meet the elbow.  Return leg to beginning position and repeat on opposite side.
  10. Reverse crunch

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Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the Challenge!  Are you up for it?