Abs & Jump Rope

Abs & Jump Rope between Sets

Abs - 3 sets each

I.  50 Crunches; 50 Criss Cross; 12 Ball/Foot Catches (Lying on your back, throw large ball and catch between feet, lower legs and upper body with arms overhead, raise legs and upper body, pass ball to hands, lower upper and lower body, lift and throw ball back to feet; repeat)

II.  30 Sprinters (Sitting on tailbone lift feet off floor.  As fast as you can alternate arms and legs in a motion similar to sprinting.);  16 Spiderman (In Plank position bring right knee to right elbow; return to Plank positiion, repeat on left side); 50 Medicine ball side tap-tap (sitting in V-up position with knees bent hold a medicine ball and tap it on the floor on the right side of your body.  Switch to left side).

III.  50 side-side Crunches; 25 Reverse Crunch; 8 Roll Like a Ball

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