Why NoSkinnies?

Why follow NoSkinnies?  What is NoSkinnies? 

The ultimate goal of NoSkinnies is to promote positive body image and living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

I have wanted to blog about fitness and nutrition for many years.  Daily I make up new fitness routines and meal plans for myself.  I have finally decided to take the time to share them.

We all know too many people who starve themselves in an attempt to obtain the "perfect body".  This is a very unhealthy goal.  Fitness and weight loss should be about living a healthy and fit lifestyle and feeling good about the results of hard work.  I have nothing against skinny people - I just hate to see someone trying to starve themselves in a weight loss effort. 

The only way to obtain a fit and healthy body is to eat clean and workout.  The concept of 80/20 says that 80% of the way your body looks is created in the kitchen; the other 20% is created during your workouts.  Eating clean is extremely important - not just for the way you look but also for your health.

The goal of my blog is to promote positive body image and to teach individuals how to eat clean and live a fit and healthy lifestyle.  I have a slew of content to add to the blog.  I have years of workout routines, meal plans, and inspirational shit that I will be adding.  I hope you will continue to visit the blog and that you will make comments - good or bad....I want to hear from you.