What is clean eating?

 What is Clean Eating?

What is Clean Eating?

All the hype these days is about clean eating.  But what is clean eating?  In a nutshell clean eating emphasizes eating whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetables, and lean protein.  Processed foods are discouraged.  This is a lifestyle, not a diet.  Check out 50 of my favorite clean eating foods.

We All Live Multiple Lifestyles!

I try to eat clean daily.  While eating clean is a lifestyle so is being a Mommy and a Wife.  There are birthday parties, pizza parties, holidays, nights out with friends, nights out with my husband, and ice cream dates with my children.  I WILL have a bite of birthday cake.  I WILL have a bite of ice cream with my kiddos.  I WILL eat a slice of pizza.  I will eat the rice that my sister cooks at Thanksgiving (my Dad's recipe).  I WILL have a cocktail with my friends and my husband.  But I don't do these things every day.  I save these for special occasions. 

I believe in the 90/10 rule.  Eat clean 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time let go and enjoy yourself.