P!NK Concert March 2013.  LOVE P!NK!!!

P!NK Concert March 2013.  LOVE P!NK!!!


I'm Tammy, AKA No Skinnies.  I am a very happily married mom of 2 sweet girls.  Over the years I have tried every diet I've come across.  My nutrition and workout goals were centered around being skinny.  I have now discovered that the reason I never felt I had reached my goals is because I was desperately seeking the wrong results.  I have learned that the purpose of any diet or workout routine should be to increase your wellness, your healthiness, your happiness, your energy, your....(fill in the blank with what matters to you).  The goal should not be to get super thin or skinny; although, you will likely lose weight as a side effect of switching to a healthier lifestyle.  Attempting to achieve your wellness goals should not make you miserable.  In my previous "dieting" efforts I was hungry, achy, and just plain not pleasant to be around!  My goals have changed dramatically since I switched my mindset to wellness and to living a healthy lifestyle.  My goals no longer center around losing weight or being skinny.  I am a much healthier and happier version of myself.  And guess what - I am finally happy with my body and the results of my nutrition and fitness efforts!   For help with getting started on becoming a healthier version of yourself click here.

I want to help others find their "wellness" by first realizing that wellness does not mean miserable dieting, deprivation, and hours of working out.  You can be healthy and happy and achieve the body you want without any of these!

Wellness is a positive word.  Associate wellness with feeling good, adding healthy choices to our daily routines, and preventing future disease.

Dictionary.com defines wellness as “the state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as result of deliberate effort”.

Together we can make mindful and deliberate efforts toward living a balanced, healthy, and fit lifestyle.  

You will love the person you become!