This is Why "Lifestyle" Diets Are Bullshit

Have you ever felt like a failure because you can't seem to change your "lifestyle" and stick to a diet or fitness plan?  How many times have you seen the claim: "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle".  Or this one:  "Change your lifestyle and for the rest of your life you will finally have the slim sexy body you want."  I'm calling bullshit on these claims.  It's bullshit because the majority of us simply cannot stick to a "lifestyle" that requires us to give up a certain food (sugar, carbs, etc) or do a specific workout every day for the rest of our lives.  And who would want to anyhow?  You can achieve the body you want WITHOUT committing to a "lifestyle" of deprivation and boredom.  Yes, you can!  This is my promise to you!

It's not that big of a mystery why "lifestyle" diets don't work.  It's human nature - we get bored way too easily.  And we LOVE shiny new things (i.e. New diet and workout plans).  We love to be the first one to jump on the latest diet and fitness trend.  It happens ALL the time, to ALL of us.  We hear about some new diet or in today's terms "lifestyle".  We race out to buy the book, CDs, DVDs, energy shakes, pills, etc.  We then head straight to our favorite fast food joint and binge on our "last meal" before beginning our new "lifestyle".  For the first few days, maybe even the first few weeks, we are all gung ho...couldn't be more into it.  We even tell others about it and suggest that they wise up and jump on this wagon with us.  

Here Comes the Black Hole

Let's think about the different kinds of crazy new "lifestyle" diet shit there is out there today:

  • no carbs 
  • low carbs
  • high protein
  • no wheat 
  • no processed sugar 
  • no processed foods 
  • no meat
  • no alcohol
  • fasting
  • no fasting - eating every 2-3 hours

And how about all those insane fitness plans like:

  • getting up at at the butt crack of dawn every day for the rest of your life
  • Working out on an empty stomach
  • Working out after downing a protein shake
  • lifting heavy heavy weights, low reps
  • lifting light weights, high reps
  • do cardio every day
  • never do cardio, lift only

Each of these "plans" has it's pro's and con's.  Each is awesome in it's own way but honestly, who wants to do this same shit over and over every day, every week, every month, and every year for the rest of your life?  In addition, most of the plans contradict one another so how the heck are you supposed to know which one to pick and stick to for the rest of your life?  You don't.  Be honest, there is no science behind which plan you pick.  Instead, you pick the plan you will do based on something your BFF told you, or something you saw on the cover of US weekly.  You even pick which "lifestyle" change you will make based on the body of a model in a diet product advertisement.  You look at that hottie and just know that in a couple of weeks you will be sporting that same hot bod.  Or maybe you pick the plan because Oprah told you to.  Who knows.  Regardless of how or why you chose the plan, you have now chosen it and you are super enthusiastic and excited.  You hit it hard and you rock it!   There's nothing wrong with that.  But....somewhere around the 3rd or 4th day reality sets in - you suddenly see the black hole you are headed down and it hits you "holy shit, I have to do this every day for the rest of my life".   Whaaaa!!????  Screw that.  There's no way!"  Later that day you skip your workout and enjoy a bucket of ice cream.  

Always/Never/For the Rest of My Life

No matter how excited and committed we are in the beginning the mentality of "always", or "never", or "for the rest of my life" eventually sets in and knocks us off the wagon.  We can't truly see our futures with NEVER eating sugar again or never getting to go out to a nice dinner and drink a little too much because we have a 5am workout to report to the next morning.  So, we quit.  We blow it.  We give up.  We feel like a complete failure and go back to our old eating habits and not working out.  This sucks.  

It's Time to Spice Things Up!

It's time for a new approach to our fitness and nutrition goals.  It's time to spice things up.  Let's continuously renew our excitement!  Let's stop committing our whole lives to an arbitrarily picked fitness and nutrition plan and instead take it a week at a time.  More specifically - 6 days at a time.  We can do anything for 6 days, right?

Here's how it will work - on Sunday you will decide what "6 Day Spice" plan  you will do for the upcoming week (Monday - Saturday).  You will pick the plan and commit to it!  You will plan each day for the next 6 days.  At the end of the week, the next Sunday (off day), you will go back to your old habits - eat whatever the hell you want for the day and not workout.  You will start over.  You will pick your next 6 Day Spice Plan to begin the next day - Monday.  All diets start on Monday, right?  

By changing or "spicing things up" every 6 days you will never get bored.  You will never feel the doom of "forever".  You will continuously feel excited because you are continuously doing something new.  You get to do whatever you want on Sunday and start again on Monday.  Since this is part of the plan you won't feel that you have "failed".  You are ridding yourself of that "forever" mentality. 

Here's some to pick from to get started:


No Eating After 7PM

All Natural Foods Only

Low Carb

Bikini Dinners - eat dinner in your bikini - bet you won't go back for 2nds

Bikini Breakfast - eat dinner knowing that you must cook breakfast in your bikini

Lingerie Lounging - eat dinner knowing that you will wear lingerie around the house for the rest of the night after dinner

Detox Week


Butt Burn

Abs Burn

Cardio Galore

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)



Full Body Mat

Full Body Lifting


Pilates/Cardio Combo

Lifting/Cardio combo

Butt/Cardio Combo

Abs/Cardio Combo

HIIT/Pilates Combo


If you are a complete Newbie to healthy eating and truly want a "lifestyle" make over start here.

**Somewhere in here mention the PT that put you on a plan and then you do it for ever for the rest of your life...either bc you don't want to keep paying a PT or bc your PT is a friggin idiot.  Or the umpteen "plans" you can buy online - eat clean, p90x, etc.  All great but really, who wants to do that same shit every day for the rest of their life?  Perfect place to offer coaching here.  New plan every week, 2 weeks, whatever, based on individuals attention span.  And for cheap bc there's no meetings, equipment, gym memberships, etc.  Not charging extra to make you a grocery list.  You are a grown damn person who can read - take the meal plan and make your own damn grocery list.  Don't be stupid.