1 Week Keep the Control Challenge

Are you facing an upcoming week of having no control over your menu and/or workout schedule?  Maybe you are going on a mission trip, a vacation, or just a super long stretch at work.  Whatever the case, if you go into your week with a plan you can succeed!  

Since we know that the upcoming week will be a huge challenge all on it's own, we will not add more stress and frustration by limiting ourselves to a strict diet and workout plan.  Instead, this should the easiest plan you have ever made.  The more simple and "doable" it is, the more likely you are to stick to it.

My tips:

  1. Make your plan.  How will you handle temptations to overeat and skip workouts?   
  2. Keep it simple.  The more simple your plan is, the better.
  3. If you have control over what you eat try to choose non-processed foods such as fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.  If you have no control over what is being served (mission trip, work conference, etc.) allow yourself to eat whatever is served to you but only eat a normal serving size.  Normally I would suggest that you have 5 or 6 small meals a day but in this case that might not be an option and that is OK!  Have 3 meals if that is what your option is.  No biggie.  Just keep your portions in check.  Here's a guide to recommended portion sizes.  
  4. If you have the option of traveling with food take quality snacks with you.
  5. Treats - Allow yourself to have a treat.  Don't go freakin crazy and binge on cookies and ice cream all day but if you are in a situation where a treat you normally would not get is being offered then take it.  Have your ONE treat and then stop.  For example, our family vacations often include a trip to the ice cream shop because that is not something we do in our normal day to day lives.  
  6. Workouts - The most important thing you can do with your workout is be flexible.  Be willing to adapt to whatever situation you are facing in the upcoming week.  Are you going to beach?  Go for long walk or run.  Are you going to a work conference and will be unlikely to get a break to do a long workout?  Try slipping in a quick workout before you head to the office.  Each morning, before your shower, do 10 push-ups, 25 squats, 20 lunges & 50 jumping jacks.  If you're feeling energetic and have the time repeat the workout a couple of times.  Or choose from any of my 30 minute workouts.  Some of these require weights.  Just browse through them and find the ones that work for you.
  7. Remind yourself that this is temporary.  Do the best you can while your schedule is out of whack and then hit it hard when you get back to your normal life.

It's totally OK to not do your normal workout and stick to your normal meal plan from time to time.  Your body actually appreciates the break.  Let your mind have a break too by not obsessing over it.  Do what you can and let the rest go - it's just a week!

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